Why Google reviews are not showing

😢Google Reviews Disappeared? 9 Reasons Why? Easy to fix it.

Your customer just told you that he left a positive review with a 5-star rating, but he’s not showing up for you.

You have 500 google reviews on your Google listing but suddenly they disappear and you are left with just 120 reviews.

There is a reason why this is happening and explained in this article I can understand how difficult it is to get genuine reviews and how important they are for your business. Google reviews are becoming very strict and will be filtered if they look spammy.

We need to make sure it’s seen as secure and safe. Google wants people to see Google Maps and Google search results when looking for businesses that are reliable, trustworthy and authentic.

Recently, Google released an insightful report that I want to share with you. This report reveals that people find spamming in three ways: algorithms, machine learning and human control.

And just looking through this report, I noticed that:

  • 7 million fake business profiles were removed, and over 630,000 fake profiles were reported directly to Google. That’s one of the things they never mention.
  • They stopped 12 million attempts to create fake business profiles.
  • With the help of machine learning, more than 1 Million user accounts were disabled due to policy-breaking activity.
  • Over 95 million policy-violating writing reviews were removed, and 1 million reviews were reported directly to Google.
  • Due to blurry, low quality, or violating Google content policies, Google removed more than 190 million photos and 5 million videos.

If you are suffering from Google wiping your reviews on your Google business profile don’t take it seriously. It is happening to others too. Many of our clients have the same issue and they describe their problems to us.

Here are the top 9 reasons why google my business reviews not showing up

It does not matter whether your business is big or small, you depend on their Google Business Profile or Google My Business to attract qualified customers to your business. Reviews on Google are crucial for building trust and credibility. Here are the reasons why you may see your google reviews disappearing:

1. The account may not have a long history with Google.


Your google reviews might not stay or it would disappear completely if the person leaving the feedback for you doesn’t have a large history with Google. For example, If a person opens a new google account today and posts a review without doing anything for a while. Well, Google looks at that as a little bit suspect, so they might temporarily filter the review and make it disappear.

2. A sudden increase in Google My Business reviews.


Some people do google review campaigns to increase their google my business reviews and I know a lot of people that still do this and I don’t recommend it.

For example, you have only 50 reviews on your business profile for the past 5 years and If you get 100 google reviews in three days, that looks abnormal. So naturally, Google is going to say, wait a minute, something’s not right here. You only had 50 reviews on your Google listing for the last five years and all of a sudden you got 100 reviews for three days.

Well, Google might have the metrics and flags with them, and so they might filter a bunch. Naturally.

3. Receiving google reviews from the same IP address.


Google my business reviews not showing up because review might get filtered since they’re all coming from the same IP address that you manage your Google listing.

Many businesses offer free WiFi for their customers and they encourage them to post google reviews for their business. Google observes that if a customer is connected to the same IP address that the Google listing is managed from, reviews are often not shown.

Google may block reviews if it sees that there is a connection between the IP address that you use to manage your Google listing and the IP address where your customers connect. This might be also a reason for google my business reviews not showing up.

Therefore, I always recommend to my clients that if someone comes into your business and leaves a review, they should do so on their phone. In most cases that’s not a problem with Google, that’s how all our clients do it. So that would be the solution for that.

4. Google business profile reviews disappear if they appear spammy.


Another reason that your google my business reviews not showing up and get filtered is if it looks spammy or sensational. Having someone leave you two or three words is just crazy or looks spammy if it’s just two or three words.

5. If your website or someone else’s website was included in the review.


If a customer posts a review that includes the link to your website or another website within the review itself, that’s the main reason why reviews get removed permanently.

So I recommend always reading Google’s terms of service and their guidelines. You might pick up something new and realize that maybe you were violating their terms of service by accident. And the reason why reviews were filtered.

6. Copying and Pasting the reviews.

Your google reviews might be getting filtered if you are just copying and pasting or having someone copy and paste from a third-party website or other profiles.

So if somebody searches on another website or profile for reviews and copies their review and pastes it into your Google My Business account. Well, that can cause a big issue with potential reviews getting filtered. Therefore, if somebody is willing to be kind enough to leave you a review on multiple networks, then maybe you just have them mix it up a little bit. Consider synonyms and restructure your sentences, but don’t copy and paste the same thing.

7. Multiple Google listings for the same business in one location.


You may have a duplicate listing on Google itself. So if you have another listing in your name or your business name, then there is a duplicate listing. Well, you know that could be one of the reasons reviews get removed from one of those listing filters.

You should regularly review Google listings. To see if you do have another listing out there, and if you do, you can always claim that listing, and then delete it. This is the right thing to do.

8. Google Reviews might be deleted.

The actual client that came into your business. They deleted their review for some odd reason or they put it in private.

9. Getting reviews from other locations.


Your customers who left you reviews don’t live near you or haven’t visited your location recently. For example, if a user from the US writes a review for a business in India, that could be the reason the review does not show up.

The above are the top reasons why google my business reviews not showing up, If you are new to Google My Business or Google Business Profile

How can you get back missing reviews which have been filtered by Google?

In the majority of cases, Google does not reinstate the reviews. But if you have genuine google reviews that are filtered by Google, you can request to reinstate the reviews by submitting a reason in the google business profile forum. When you submit a request make sure you include the following details if possible along with the reason you are writing for Google.

  • How many google reviews have disappeared?
  • The date they were left
  • The names of the customers that left reviews.
  • Screenshots of the missing reviews

I hope you got clearly why your google business reviews not showing up, thank you for your time if you found this article helpful please comment “yes” in the comment section below.

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